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The relationship between Psych (Mind) and Soma (Body) and how the brain interacts with the immune system is a fact well known to health workers. Whilst many of the human body's ailments are directly caused by this relationship, significantly, Psycho-Somatic symptoms are often used to describe a physical condition which has the mind as its source.


home_photoWomen and stress have the additional factor of biochemical vulnerability and having to balance the pressure of a career with social and familial demands. Often, negative results may manifest themselves suddenly particularly with women (or men) who consider themselves invincible. Therefore, by naming this site Time out for Women, our aim is not to deny men stress but to reveal that nowadays women are increasingly struggling to cope with new pressures in a demanding lifestyle.


The aim of this site is to teach people that the above-mentioned mind / body interaction can be used to our advantage rather than our detriment. Accordingly, it is conceivable to imagine and feel relaxation even whilst performing boring or undesirable tasks. Whilst some argue that this is easier said than done, practice even without initial success, leads to positive results in resilient and persevering individuals.


If you have any queries or you would like to book into a personal or group-based meditation and lifestyle stress management program, please contact Dr. Robert Kaldawi directly on 0412399876 or write to us through the contact page.


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